Rethinking Textile

                   Digitale Strickmanufaktur  

We connect demand to production

We believe in a sustainable on-demand production of clothes. Therefore, we connect our 3D knitting machines directly with the point of sale to match production with demand.

Our Concept

Our ambition is to manufacture only what people buy – 100% local. That’s why we have created a fully automated on-demand production and believe in its potential to transform the fashion ecosystem. Because it is both, more economical and sustainable.

Our ondemand manufacturing is speedy and with no leftover inventory: New products are only manufactured in real-time once a sale was booked and shipped the next day. We do this by connecting 3D knitting machines via our cloud solution directly to the point of sale.


We produce our clothes local and close to our customers to avoid unnecessary transport halfway around the globe, which reduces carbon emissions and ensures high social standards. Through our on-demand production “Made in Germany” we preserve our natural resources.

On-Demand Production of caps

Our technology enables us to directly connect online shops of our customers with our production technology.

The webshop www.merinomü for instance, is fully integrated into our cloud based production plattform. This means that any order on the webshop is directly sent to our 3D knitting machines via our cloud solution. The products are manufactured with the support of modern equipment such as industrial robots and normally shipped within one business day.

Due to our digital manufacturing processes we can provide all products with a minimum batchsize of one and monitor the production completly online with our digital twin.

Pillars of Creation: Customizable Sweater

Our technology enables us to provide fully customizable products to our clients with batchsize 1.

This enables us to distribute products to our clients that fit exactly their demand needs and provides them the opportunity to offer limited editions or to react to trends within days.

The customization as well as the complete ordering process are fully implemented in our cloud solution.

Write us an email and we will design your customized sweater!


Ultra fast

We manufacture our products in real time after a sale has been made. And we ship the next day. 

On Demand

On demand production allows to offer all sizes, colors and styles at any time – and only manufactures what people buy.


We are looking beyond lip service to sustainability and leverage technology to manufacture local products that preserve our natural resources.

Low capital employment

With on-demand production, there is no prefinancing, warehousing and inventory required


Our technology creates fully automated and customizable knitwear in every color and size.

Zero waste

Industry overproduction runs at 30-40% – each season. This waste is rampant and expensive. Our ambition is to produce only what people buy.