Our offer

We connect our 3D knitting machines directly with your web shop

We manufacture and ship our products directly to your customers after being ordered.

Our concept

On-demand production

We only manufacture a product once a customer has bought it on your website. Therefore, you do not have to finance our products in advance or store any inventory.

No Inventory And Handling Costs​

After one of our products has been ordered within your web shop, we produce it in close to real-time and ship it in a box of your choice to your customers.
Therefore, you do not have any further handling or inventory costs on your side.

Batch Size 1​

We do not know any minimum order quantities: We can handle very small orders due to our digital and flexible production setup​

No Unsold Inventory At End of Season​

You can offer a unlimited variety of our products and brands, because they get only manufactured and shipped after being ordered by your customers. Hence, you don’t have have any risks of an unsold inventory at end of season

Digital Order Management​

You don’t have any manual paperwork. Once a customers buys one of our products within your shop it gets automatically transmitted to us​

Technical Support​

We will gladly connect your web shop with our 3D knitting machines. An experienced expert integrates our solution into your existing web infrastructure. You can continue to work with your existing system​

Competitive Pricing​

Due to our holistic approach to digitize and automate our production setup, we can offer a competitive pricing despite our local approach towards manufacturing